What to do with all those sticky notes?

Here are just some ideas: this page opens immediately when you install Evernote

My desk is covered in sticky notes. Correction: both my home desk and my work desk are covered in sticky notes. I also have sheets of papers with to-do lists, files for various projects, “stackers” holding things I am supposedly working on, etc., etc. A while ago a colleague mentioned an app called “stickynote” so I started looking around the app store for it. He liked it because it works a bit like mobile cork board; you put your note on a digital sticky note and put it on the board. I wasn’t that impressed (because I realized that I needed even more organization to my notes), so I looked around and stumbled upon “Corkboard”. It’s pretty similar except that it syncs to all devices that have “Corkboard” installed so that I can see my sticky notes on both my phone and my iPad.

I used it a couple of times. I smiled when I noticed that the sticky note I had added to my iPad showed up on my iPhone. And then I never used it again. Good thing it was free. It didn’t really improve my organizational skills the way I had hoped.

I wasn’t really looking for a replacement, but I follow a lot of professional associations on Facebook and Twitter and and I happened across a post from ISTE featuring a blog in which the author proclaimed his love for Evernote. After reading the article, I could see why: Evernote allows you to note anything anytime, anywhere and have all of your notes always available on any internet-capable device. Notes can be organized into categories, and you can even download an addiional feature that will automatically create notes out of any Tweets that you favorite: just think….no more scrolling through your old

Directions for linking Evernote and Twitter

tweets to find that resource you had stumbled across several months ago (I actually was just doing that this morning–no joke!!!).

But I was even more impressed when I got to the end of the blog post and saw the comments from others who were already using Evernote, and using it to engage their students in very meaningful ways. Now I’m hooked.

Time to end the post….I need to download Evernote to every device!

Just starting to scratch the surface of the projects I'm working on!

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