Virtual World Languages Student Fair?

I’ve been seeing really exciting posts about the application period for the Google Science Fair and of course, that got me thinking about what that would look like for other subjects.

To be sure, there may not be money to invest in actual in-person fairs the same way the Google Science Fair finalists are invited to attend an actual event. But what’s stopping us from having our students use the incredible range of virtual tools to create virtual fairs and symposia with our students as the speakers/presenters/designers/creators?

Personally, I’ll be looking into designing a virtual world languages fair featuring (and connecting) students from around the world presenting/sharing in their target languages on a theme–or one of a choice of themes–I haven’t decided yet. Of course, I would prefer to do such an event during Discover Languages month, so my target is February of 2013.

Our students are becoming the leaders, creators, innovators and producers of an increasingly complex and connected world. Why not use the tools at our disposal to give them opportunities to connect with other students on topics of relevance (and interest) to demonstrate their knowledge and use the skills they are developing in school?

More to come…after I work out how to make this work. Perhaps a post during or after the Google Teacher Academy in London this April, when I’ll have a chance to talk to some other incredible educators and also Google experts about the logistics of making this happen!


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