What I learned in three weeks of regional conference attendance, according to Twitter

When I’m at conferences, I like to tweet when I hear something that I feel is important or helpful. I do this to share the learning with others who were not in the same sessions as I was, but I also do this for myself. Typing helps me remember what I learned. Synthesizing to 140 characters or less requires me to think about each concept I wish to share carefully so that I can discuss it so succinctly. And tweeting provides me with a relatively easy-to-find record of the items I hope to apply in my own practice.

Pulling those tweets into a Storify makes my learning even easier to find. If you would like to learn along with me, there are several options: check out my handle on Twitter (@NicoleNaditz); scroll through the various conference hashtags Twitter so that you get not only what I tweeted but what everyone tweeted (I was at #swcolt15, #swcolt15, #clta15 and #csctfl15); or check out the slideshow I made on Storify, just so I could have the tweets that were important for my own learning in a place that made them even easier to find and view.

I hope to have a chance to truly synthesize what I learned from the amazing colleagues with whom I interacted around the country and post something a bit more profound here in a separate blog. But for now, this will have to play the role of a teaser post.

What thoughts, strategies and approaches did you explore at professional development that have since impacted your practice?


2 thoughts on “What I learned in three weeks of regional conference attendance, according to Twitter

  1. Reblogged this on diane: allthingslanguage and commented:
    This was my first active two weeks on Twitter, actually since the SWCOLT conference, and while at first my brain was overwhelmed with the stimulus, I started to do what you have mentioned here in order to process and save for later. Today I started a blog, and I mention something akin to this wave of ideas that is pushing me along. Anyway, thanks for the tweeting and the … Today’s Meet summary who put out on Facebook.


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