Welcome to #iOSAppleSeeds! This page will feature resources and strategies that leverage the iPad to design creative, engaging, relevant, collaborative, and active learning experiences. You can also find these resources by searching the #iOSAppleSeeds hashtag on Twitter.

undefinedApple Teacher Learning Center is your one-stop-shop for help with all of the tools available on your Mac and/or iPad. In addition to guides for the tools, you can also earn badges and eventually apply for the “Apple Teacher” designation! Sign in to https://appleteacher.apple.com/ with your Apple ID to get started. And then return as often as needed to grow your skills. Many of the #iOSAppleSeeds listed below will refer you to specific pages in the ATLC on the site.

  • Keynote:
    • Magic Move: Use this feature to take an object from one side and have it appear to move to a new size and/or location on the next slide. This helps maintain focus, or can even “bring” focus. For example a large image of a tree on one slide becomes the same tree, smaller and in the upper right corner on the next slide when you are in presenting mode. Or several parts of a word come together to form the whole word. Here is a great video showing 10 ways (among many) to use Magic Move. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ6fOrppCek And here is a direct link to the Magic Move from Apple Teacher Learning Center (you will need to sign in to the ATLC to view this link).
    • Line Drawing Animation: You probably know that you can “animate” a slide so that each bullet comes in one at a time. But did you know that you can use the drawing tool to create an image, signature, note, or whatever you want, and then animate that to appear in the order in which you drew it, as if you made a “movie” of your drawing? Check out this video to see it done and see what it looks like once you animate in Keynote. This great page in ATLC will support you to add, and then animate, a drawing in Keynote.
  • Pages: More than letters and punctuation!
    • Easily add video or audio to Pages! Open your Pages document. Put your cursor where you want the audio/video to be and click on the + in the upper right corner. Choose either “Photo or Video” to select from your gallery, “Camera” to take a picture or video with the iPad camera and insert it into your Pages document. Or choose “Record Audio” to open a simple recorder and insert the recording into your Pages document.
      • Go here to learn more from the Apple Teacher Learning Center about recording audio in Pages on an iPad (you will need to sign into ATLC to access this link.
      • What could your learners do with audio or video embedded in Pages? Tweet your ideas with the #iOSAppleSeeds hashtag!
    • Do your students have Apple Pencils (or Logitech Crayons)? Students can can add their own drawings or handwritten items. It can also be done with a finger tip, but the process is easier and the result is much better with a Pencil or Crayon. Encourage learners to try Sketchnoting during a lesson to capture their learning!
      • Check out this page from the Apple Teacher Learning Center to learn more about drawing in Pages on an iPad.
      • What will your learners add when they can freehand their thoughts? Tweet your ideas with the #iOSAppleSeeds hashtag!