Rigor without homework? Five good reasons

I've been experimenting with a monumental shift in my homework policy. My original policy had been in place since I started teaching in 1993: students typically had homework Monday - Thursday nights with occasional long-term projects. When choosing and deisgining homework activities, I did almost everything right, according to the research that does exist about … Continue reading Rigor without homework? Five good reasons

What to do with all those sticky notes?

My desk is covered in sticky notes. Correction: both my home desk and my work desk are covered in sticky notes. I also have sheets of papers with to-do lists, files for various projects, "stackers" holding things I am supposedly working on, etc., etc. A while ago a colleague mentioned an app called "stickynote" so … Continue reading What to do with all those sticky notes?

3Rs…low tech

I found myself thinking about the fact that when I prepared the video on the theme of "classroom innovation" for my application for the Google Teacher Academy (as of this writing, Google has not yet notified applicants as to whether or not they have been selected), I spent almost my entire 60 seconds talking about Web 2.0 tools I … Continue reading 3Rs…low tech