Nicole Naditz–author of 3Rs4Teachers

Who writes 3Rs4Teachers? Why?

Since you’re here, I suppose that means you’d like some more information.

I have taught French to grades 3 through 12, including AP French Language since 1993 and served as a full-time mentor to newly credentialed teachers of all subjects and grade-levels from 2004-2007. At various times, I have also taught ELD to adults, and U.S. and world history. I am very active in professional organizations. I’m a member of too many organizations to list them all, but just a few include:

For all of these organizations except ASCD, I have either been a presenter, board member, and/or served on a special committee.

I have been humbled to be honored as the 2012 San Juan Unified Teacher of the Year, Sacramento County Teacher of the Year and finalist for 2012 California State Teacher of the Year. I was named the first grand prize winner of the Jane Ortner Educating Through Music Award in 2010 for my curriculum guide on using authentic music in the language classroom, “Noteworthy Language.” I serve on the Leadership  Team of the Capital Foreign Language Project (a state- and federally-funded organization dedicated to subject-specific professional development for teachers). I am the founder of the Read Around the World Program and organize additional   opportunities for students to experience languages and cultures outside of the  classroom. I have presented on a variety of topics at local and state workshops   since 1999 and  received several grants for study in France and Canada. I  was named an Outstanding Teacher by both the Foreign Language Association of   Greater Sacramento and the California Language Teachers’ Association and was a   finalist for the California League of High Schools Educator of the Year in   Region 3. In addition, I achieved National Board Certification in 2003 and   earned my M.Ed in 2006. I currently teach French at Bella Vista High School in Fair Oaks. In my spare time, I enjoy figure skating, calligraphy, singing, and crocheting.


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